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Ski Stories 2020

Ski Stories 2020

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Ski Stories 2020 is the second annual hardcover yearbook from Downdays. With carefully curated stories and photography, this book is a lasting timepiece from the strangest ski season in memory.

Much like the past year, Ski Stories 2020 is split down the middle, with a unique double-cover concept that makes the book readable from either end. Crafted for the coffee table or bookshelf of the passionate skier, Ski Stories 2020 serves as a unique memento from this extraordinary year, and also as a tribute to the thrill of sliding on snow that continues to inspire us, even on down days.

The book at a glance:

  • 160 pages
  • Hardcover with thread-stitching, 28.6 cm tall x 21.6 cm wide x 1.8 cm high
  • Fine screen offset sheet printing and high-quality 140 g/sqm offset paper
  • All papers are FSC certified and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)


  • Corona Circle: Long sunsets and camp coughs in Riksgränsen
  • Skivas: A diverse women's squad tackles street, freeride and backcountry
  • La Liste 2: Jérémie Heitz on the challenges of steep skiing above 6000m
  • From Switzerland With Love: Grassroots freeski filmmaking, made in Switzerland
  • Flight From Tehran: Pandemic? Iran? Not a good combination.
  • Ski Local: An ode to the joys of skiing your own backyard
  • Mark Abma Interview: Wise words with a skiing icon
  • Jacob Wester Profile: A pilgrimage to Chamonix reveals Jacob's transformation
  • Daniel Loosli Porfolio: A unique eye on both sides of the lens
  • Revering Nature: Lukas Schäfer's photos return to wild spaces
  • and much more!

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