Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020
Ski Stories 2020

Ski Stories 2020

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Ski Stories 2020 is the second annual hardcover yearbook from the makers of Downdays Magazine. With carefully curated stories and photography, this book is a lasting timepiece from the strangest ski season in memory.

Much like the past year, Ski Stories 2020 is split down the middle. Featuring a unique double-cover concept, the book is readable from either end. The two sides are dedicated to correlated themes: Rupture, the sudden and abrupt shifts in our lives; and Change, the long-term trends beyond these days of upheaval. The enduring joy of skiing is the thread that binds these two halves together.

Crafted with care for the coffee table or bookshelf of the passionate skier, Ski Stories 2020 is intended to serve as a memento from this extraordinary year, and also as a tribute to the thrill of sliding on snow that continues to inspire us, even on down days.

The book at a glance:

  • 160 pages
  • Hardcover with thread-stitching, 28.6 cm tall x 21.6 cm wide x 1.8 cm high
  • Covers split between two different paper styles, mirroring the book's double-sided structure
  • Created with fine screen offset sheet printing and high-quality 140 g/sqm offset paper
  • All papers are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council, and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)


  • Corona Circle: Long sunsets and camp coughs in Riksgränsen
  • Skivas: A diverse women's squad tackles street, freeride and backcountry
  • La Liste 2: Jérémie Heitz on the challenges of steep skiing above 6000m
  • From Switzerland With Love: Grassroots freeski filmmaking, made in Switzerland
  • Flight From Tehran: Pandemic? Iran? Not a good combination.
  • Ski Local: An ode to the joys of skiing your own backyard
  • Mark Abma Interview: Wise words with a skiing icon
  • Jacob Wester Profile: A pilgrimage to Chamonix reveals Jacob's transformation
  • Daniel Loosli Porfolio: A unique eye on both sides of the lens
  • Revering Nature: Lukas Schäfer's photos return to wild spaces
  • and much more!